Brock at Bioneers 2009: Blog on his plenary speech

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Bioneers 2009: Brock Dolman's Watershed Approach

by Bonnie Hulkower, New York, New York on 10.21.09

brock dolman water lilies photo.jpg
photo by Jason Elon Goodman

Bioneers 2009 wasn't your typical conference, and especially not a typical conference on climate change, which can give off an underlying feeling of doom and gloom. Bioneers represents a welcome change, as, even when dealing with the sensitive critical environmental issues of our time (sea level rise, tropical diseases, megadroughts, hypercanes, failed states) the annual conference still always somehow manages to seem upbeat. Every year the conference highlights environmental luminaries (including TH's own Ken Rother!) and this year was no different.  Read more...