Daily Acts Water Harvesting for Permaculture Paradises Tour (OAEC & Sebastopol)

10/14/2012 10:00 am
10/14/2012 4:00 pm

Offered: Sunday, October 14, 2012

Time: Begins at 10 am and ends at 4 pm

Instructors: Brock Dolman and Erik Ohlsen


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Join the Daily Acts crew for this fantastic tour that includes a stop at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center.

The cheapest and most effective place to store water is in the soil. In this tour, we’ll learn how soil building, earthworks, rain-water catchment and landscape design are all critical components of water conservation and savvy management. First, we’ll meet Erik Ohlsen of Permaculture Artisans, who rapidly transformed what was once an asphalt and gravel lot into an eco-oasis complete with seasonal pools, ponds, fruit-tree-irrigating swales, slow-moving waterways and much more. We’ll tour Erik’s water-harvesting systems and learn how he collects and infiltrates 400 thousand gallons of rainwater annually on his 1/3 of an acre property.

Our second stop brings us to the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, an 80-acre nonprofit education center, organic farm & nursery, and water institute. Brock Dolman, one of the most well-respected teachers of watershed health and hydro-literacy, will amaze us with a tour of gardens, roofwater catchment off the OAEC goatshed and water-literate landscapes that grow 3,000 varieties of heirloom annuals and 1,000 varieties of edible, medicinal and ornamental perennials. At both these sites, permaculture techniques abound which build topsoil, stop erosion and catch sediment before it moves downstream.