Speaker Bereau

Speaker Bereau – Public presentations are valuable opportunities for a presenter and an audience to engage directly in a topic of choice. We offer presentations on a broad range of concepts as part of our efforts to encourage the holistic integration of ideas towards an overall understanding of the world we occupy.

WI staff are available to offer presentations on a range of topics including:

• Basins of Relations: Thinking Like a Watershed
• In Our Own Backyard: Watershed & Creeks Workshop
• Waterspread Restoration
• Vineyards & Healthy Watersheds
• Conservation Hydrology & Blue Building
• Stormwater Management & On-Site Retention Strategies
• Erosion Control & Water Management

To see a full list of presentations given in years past, visit our Public Outreach page.

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Speaker Bereau

Here’s what folks have had to say about WATER Institute presentations:

“Brock Dolman is the one most dynamic and the inspiring speakers I have
ever had the pleasure of listening to. He combines wit and wisdom in
his unique and compelling perspectives on the multi-dimensional ways of
water. I have invited Brock to speak in several of my classes at Sonoma
State and also at several public events; each time I have learned
something new, and the audience response to his presentations has
always been positive. Brock is a gifted orator and improvisational
poet; his mastery of language enhances his knowledge and expertise as a
watershed steward and community educator. His work is a valuable
contribution to the extended North Bay community, and I would recommend
him most highly as a speaker for any event addressing the challenges to
our watersheds.”

Debora Hammond
Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Hutchins School of Liberal Studies
Sonoma State University

“Brock Dolman is an extraordinary person and a delight for anyone to meet. He does an excellent job of facilitating the learning process and has a refreshing dimension of emotional intelligence. He has excellent communication skills and great depth of practical knowledge. He appeals to all age groups and backgrounds which clearly demonstrates what a great communicator he is.

Brock’s insights and ideas on water management from an engineering perspective are sure to help land managers in planning projects and managing their land more efficiently and realistically. He has a great deal of experience in water processes and land improvement methodologies and his delivery is articulate,succinct and engaging.”

Kasey Wade
Program Coordinator
Environmental Conservation and Park Management Program
Santa Rosa Junior College