What Is A Watershed ?

Watershed is one of the replacement words commonly referred to as drainage basin. When we are looking at a river with several branches formed from a river it is said to be watershed concept. This watershed area is characterized by the flowing water section and united with the other parts. These watersheds can be the smallest part of a trace of water flow sufficient to make water flow into a river and then flow into the ocean.


What is watershed and definition of watershed. Illustration by oeacwater.org
Watershed Illustration

Watersheds are the area that drains waters flow and rainfall goes to the same outlet as the water flow to the reservoir, bay mouth, or point along the current channel. The line that separate watersheds called divided drainage. Watershed consists wetlands , lakes , reservoirs , and rivers and all groundwater underlying it. Larger river basin areas have much smaller streams. It all depends on the exit point; all the soil that drains all waters to the exit point is the sea or bay. Watersheds are important because river currents and river water quality are influenced by objects, by human impact or not, occurring in the “above” river-flowing outflow areas.

Russians River Basin

For Example, WATER Institute locationed around Dutch Bill headwater’s with 11 mile of square area. The larger wathershed is Russian River Basin around 1480 square mile. Watershed can be small but can drain around 40 % water in the North American Continent. It’s common things to focus on river or some creek. in fact, it’s all we can see in rivermouth and ridgeline that making this watershed.


russian river basin
Russians river basin

All living things around watershed can be safe from using and taking the water. Watershed is also useful to support some of the life of the existing fauna. The quality of water produced by watershed use is also good. For that, we can better understand and support the relationships in our ecosystem.

location OEACWater
Location OEAC Taken From Sattelite

From what we see in this picture, the location of Occidental Arts and Ecology Center with around 80 square acre in the upper headwaters.