Your Salmon Creek - A Video on the Reintroduction of Coho Salmon into a Sonoma County Coastal Watershed

Can saving the salmon save your family? OAEC WATER Institute uses amazing underwater footage to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the historic reintroduction of endangered Coho Salmon to the Salmon Creek Watershed in Sonoma County, CA, where experts reveal why Coho are disappearing, and why you should care. Watch to see how protecting your home, your land and your family can save the endangered species in your area.

Check out the following links for resources on what you can do to restore and protect salmon and your watersheds:

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We want to thank the following people and organizations for their financial support, partnership and volunteer contributions to the WATER Institute in general, to the production of this video, to the Salmon Creek Watershed Conservation Program and to the Salmon Creek Estuary Structures Habitat Project:

  • Panta Rhea Foundation
  • Compton Foundation, Inc.
  • Dean Witter Foundation
  • The Department of Fish and Game, Fishery Restoration Grant Program
  • National Partnership between the NOAA Community-based Restoration Program and The Nature Conservancy
  • State Coastal Conservancy
  • Sonoma Coast State Beach
  • Gold Ridge RCD
  • Salmon Creek Watershed Council
  • Salmon Creek Watershed Landowners and Residents
  • Chanslor Ranch, George Gross
  • Michael Fawcett
  • Dragon Fly Stream Enhancement, Doug Gore
  • Prunuske Chatham, Inc.
  • Westminster Woods, David Berman and Corby Hines
  • Ben Zolno